Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walgreens Diaper Stock Up 2/16/11

Walgreens has an awesome deal on their diapers this week! They are BOGO and there are coupon books that you can find at your beauty counter (or ask the associate at the beauty counter) that have a $2 off coupon for these diapers. This coupon will take $2 off EVERY pack of diapers - Even the one you got for free. Which means that you get two packs of diapers for $4.99.

Penguin Toy Game- $ 3.49 (Originally $7)
Toy Story 3in1 Game - $4.99 (Originally $9.99)
Mr Potatoe Head - $3.49 (Originally $7)
4x Size 5 Diapers - $35.96
4x Size 6 Diapers - $35.96
2x Wipe Refills- $5


-$17.98 BOGO Diapers
-$17.98 BOGO Diapers
-$2.49 BOGO Wipes
-$16 Coupon from Baby Book

Total OOP-$37.41
Saved - $66.45

Breakdown - After you subtract the toys and tax - I paid $22.49 for 8 packs of diapers or $2.80ish per pack!

If you cannot get your hands on one of these coupons books (some Walgreens does not have them) - then you can ask them to manually input these numbers - 0000002844 . Your store should do it, but it's not a guaranteed thing.

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