Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daily Freebies and Coupons 3/31/11

Wellness Natural Pet Food sample - you can request one cat food and one dog food sample
Free Piece of Chocolate - for entering the sweepstakes
SAKet trash bag sample
Uncle Ben's Rice Pouch

$1/1 Kraft Touch of Philadelphia shredded cheese
$4/2 DiGiorno Pizza and Sides
$10/$50 at Lowe's

Thanks to The Krazy Coupon Lady , Sweetie's Freebies , Freebie Shark , Deal Wise Mommy ,

My free gum, cheap Biore, and money maker Scunci Rite Aid trip!

6x Trident - $3.87 (Buy One Get One - Original Price $7.74)
3x Biore Strips - $21.57
3x Biore Fash Wash-$21.57
1x Scunci Kid Headwrap-$1.79

-$3.87 Trident BOGO Coupon (Making it 6 packs of gum for free!)
-$7.19 Free Biore Fash Wash wyb Strips
-$7.19 Free Biore Fash Wash wyb Strips
-$7.19 Free Biore Fash Wash wyb Strips
-$3/$15 Survey Coupon
-$20 in UP+
Total - $4.03
Got back $22 in UP+ (2x$10 for the Biore and $2 for the Scunci)
And another $3/$15 survey!

Daily Freebies and Coupons 3/30/11


Biore cleanser sample - This is going on again today, so if you didn't grab it yesterday , here is your chance!

Degree Motion Sense deodorant sample - This is live again too
Free Juno baby CD - find all the teddy bears on the site then you can request your CD!We have the DVD and my 21 month old LOVES it! I'm looking forward to this! To help save you some time, check out this blog post on Money Saving Mom for hints as to where to find all the bears
Breathe Right Sample - if you have requested this before, you won't be able to again
Pioneer Gourmet Coffee sample

Thanks to Money Saving Mom , Deal Wise Mommy ,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cover Girl 50th Anniversary fun!

There is tons of fun things to do on CoverGirl's Facebook page!

As a Bzz Agent , they gave me the heads up on CoverGirl's 50th Anniversary celebrating on their Facebook page! There are tons of different prizes you can enter to win every month along with just overall fun stuff to check out!

So don't forget to head over to CoverGirl and check out all the fun

Daily Freebies and Coupons 3/29/11

Free sample of Fanah Face Wash

$1/1 Nestle Tollhouse Easter Cookie dough - must sign in or register
$1.50 off Wholly Guacamole and Bumblebee Tuna

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rite Aid 3/27/11

Sorry for the crappy cellphone pic, camera battery was dead.

3x American Greetings Cards - $2.67
4x Air Wick Mini Freshmatic - $19.96 (one not pictured)
2x J&J Baby wash/lotion - $5.98
1x Desitin - $2.99

-$2.67 AG Card in AD Coupon
-$1/1 Desitin
-$2/2 J&J
-$1/1 Air Wick VV Coupon
-$4/1 Air Wick
-$4/1 Air Wick
-$4/1 Air Wick
-$3/$15 Survey Coupon
-$3 in UP+

Total-$9.16 (High OOP - But the only other UP+ I had was the $15 one from last week's nightguard and couldn't use it)
Got back- $8 in UP+
Saved - $52.70
And got another $3/$15 Survey!! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Rite Aid Run 3/23/11

4x 12 Packs Pepsi - $14.64
1x Shick Intuition Razor- $8.99

-$3.66 Buy 3 Get One Free Pepsi In Ad Q
-$3 Shick Razor
-$3/15 Survey Coupon
-$12 in UP+

Got back -$3 for razor

Daily Freebies and Coupons 3/23/11

Possible Free box of John Freida hair color - Take a survey to see if you qualify
Free Netipot and packets

$2/1 Huggies Diapers - go to the Household category - both will be there
$3/1 Huggies 60 count or higher

Thanks to Sweetie's Freebies , Freebie Shark ,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily Freebies and Coupons 3/21/11

Dove Men+Care samples
Surprise from Shick - Go like them on Facebook - they will be giving away a surprise today
2 free Quest Protein bars
Miralax Sample

$2/1 Silk Soy Milk -must register for an account and take a small survey.
$1/1 Challenge Butter
$1/1 Degree Girl deoderant

$5 for 100 print on Snapfish - including shipping with promo code PADDY20 - Today is the last day for this

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rite Aid Trip 3/20/11

Trans #1
4x Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaners - $7.96
6x Lysol Wipes - $11.94
Veet Cream - $5.84
Nightguard - $19.99

-$3/1 Veet In Ad Coupon
-$3/1 Veet IP
-$1/2 Lysol Toilet Bowl
-$1/2 Lysol Toilet Bowl
-$1/2 Lysol Wipes
-$1/2 Lysol Wipes
-$1/2 Lysol Wipes
-$5/1 Nightguard
-$24 in UP+

Got back- $26 in UP+
And $1 in SCR
ANND...Got a $3/$15 survey on the bottom!

Trans #2
4x Butterfingers Snackers - $2.00
1x Veet - $5.84

-$1/2 Butterfinger Snackers
-$1/2 Butterfinger Snackers
-$3/1 Veet In Ad Q
-$3/1 Veet (I realize I messed up here and should have had her adjust the coupon down - this coupon ended up giving me an overage and ate some of my tax. I honestly didn't realize it until I got to the car)

Got back- $1 Up+
And another $3/$15 Survey!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Freebies and Coupons 3/7/11

Flexitol Heel balm sample - I posted this before but it's available again if you didn't get it last time. Click on the Free sample box on the left
Super Berry sample from Perricone
Origins Plantscription sample - Again, one I have posted in the past but it is available again for those who didn't get it last time

$20 for Dingo online - If you like them on Facebook - they will send you a $20 code for their online store. From their facebook: "The Dingo $20 online coupon promotion ends in less than 48 hours. Tell your friends to Like Dingo and click the Join My List to sign-up. Promotion ends midnight, EST, March 8th, or when Dingo reaches 25,000 fans. Only 1,100 more fans to go!"
100 Snapfish prints for $5 shipped - With using promo code STPATPRNT .

Thanks to Sweeties Freebies , Wicked Cool Freebies , Money Saving Mom ,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Freebies and Coupons 3/6/11

Free Target Beauty bag - full of samples from Herbal Essence, Nivea, Revlon, Sally Hanson, Suave, Neutrogena and Olay.

Thanks to Sweetie's Freebies ,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My review of Purex Complete Crystals & Giveaway!

I was lucky enough to get a free sample in the mail of Purex Complete Crystals to try and review!

Firstly, I used it to wash my bed sheets, I figured that would be the best way to really get the full effect of the Crystals. And I was right! My sheets were super soft and smelled a lot fresher than they do with my normal detergent and dryer sheet routine. And four days later, the sheets are still smelling fresh! I really liked the product and definitely will continue to use it and make it a part of my regular laundry routine!

Purex Complete Crystals are NOT oil based like almost all traditional liquid fabric softeners. These traditional liquid fabric softeners work by coating your fabrics in oil. (Ick!) Purex Complete Crystals are 92% natural, instead of coating your fabrics with oil - they work by penetrating the fabric and infusing fibers with freshness that lasts for WEEKS, not days.


And this is how they work!

Purex Complete Crystals comes in three different varities Lavendar Blossom, Fresh Spring Waters, and Tropical Splash!

You can get your own FREE bottle of Purex Complete Crystals by commenting on this blog post telling me which scent you would chose! Extra entry if you follow my blog and/or follow me on Facebook . Leave me a comment letting me know that you do and it will count as an extra entry! This giveaway ends two weeks from today on March 17! Please leave your Email address in your comment so that I have a way to contact you once the giveaway is over.

*Edit: THREE of my readers will get a coupon for FREE full sized bottle of Purex Crystals Complete!

For even more info about this awesome product, you can go to Purex Website and learn more!

Daily Freebies and Coupons 3/3/11

Sample of MuscleGel Protein Supplement
Four pack of hearing aid batteries
Clean and Clear bodywash text sample - First head over to ShopText , sign up and enter your address that way anytime they offer this type of freebie - it will already be stored. Then text BODY to 467467.
Free sample of Xtreme Aquatic fish food
Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazines

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