Monday, April 4, 2011

The Factor Tree - My Bzz Agent review

As a Bzz Agent, I got a one month trial to the factor tree . I was excited to have my 5 year old try the site out as he loves to do computer based school work. I got my account all set up and ready for him to use, which was very simple and easy to do. He did his assesment test and they placed him at the Kindergarten level. He started doing his first lesson, and he got bored very soon after. For one, he likes to be very independent on the computer and this site didn't allow for that at all. It didn't read the questions or problems out loud, so I had to be ontop of him explaining what to do for every question. There was always no real guidance on how to answer the questions and how to get to the next question.

I also found the site to be very bland and boring. There was no real colors or animations to the site. It was very repetitious and way too easy for him. We use another program that he enjoys a lot more.

If you'd like to try out The Factor Tree for yourself, you can sign up for two week free trial using the promo code BZF.

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