Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Trend Micro Online Guardian Bzz Agent Review

As a BzzAgent, I got the opportunity to try Trend Micro Online Guardian. I really found the program to be useful and it definitely made me feel at ease with my 5 year old accessing the internet. When you first set up your Online Guardian, you can customize what you want your child to be able and not be able to access. You can monitor exactly what they do on various sites. You also can control their access to the computer and put time limits on their internet access.

My 5 year old doesn't use social networking sites yet, but he does love to play games and watch funny animal videos on YouTube. It is very easy to click stray links and end up on sites that aren't appropriate which is where Trend Micro Online Guardian comes in handy. It will not allow access to any site that I don't want him to have access to. I highly recommend this program and look forward to continuing to use it in our household.

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