Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mail them Monday!

Emailing and mailing companies is a GREAT way to score coupons! Especially for companies that you don't normally see coupons for. Every week I am going to have a list of companies with the link to the direct page where you can contact them. Let's fill up our mailboxes with even more fun stuff!!

Dannon Yogurt

Pampers Diapers/Kandoo products


Mr. Clean cleaning products

These four took less than 10 minutes to locate and Email them, so it should take even less to just send them a quick Email and let them know how much you enjoy their products. I will keep everyone updated as to any responses I receive and feel free to do the same! If you have any requests for companies feel free to let me know and I will include them on next week's list!


  1. i emailed pampers and the told me they don't mail coupons and to check the p&g. bull, because there was a lady on extreme couponing that they sent five free coupons to. bologna. im sure after that being on tv, they got an overwhelming response and couldnt afford to send out anymore :(

  2. sweet baby rays has sent me free coupons before. not like i need any more bbq - but this brand is our fav. also makes a great donation item!

  3. Anon they normally send free coupons from pampers after you call/email them with a complaint. OR if you have compliment. Huggies is really good at it