Monday, June 13, 2011

Mail them Mondays 6/13/11

Emailing and mailing companies is a GREAT way to score coupons! Especially for companies that you don't normally see coupons for. Every week I am going to have a list of companies with the link to the direct page where you can contact them. Let's fill up our mailboxes with even more fun stuff!!

Kashi - the last option is where you can Email them
Windex - This is the SC Johnson contact form - on the product dropdown you can pick whichever product(s) you'd wish to write them about
Dove body

My Mail them Mondays Results:
This past week I received over $5 in coupons from Nivea from last week's Mail them Monday!

Please feel free to leave any suggestions for companies/products you'd like to be featured and share with us any results you've had!

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  1. call or write pedisure too! they have a program where once a mnth you can call in and request coupons. xavier loves these but they are expensive even with the $2 off in the circulars. he likes choco milk and pediasure makes a choco flavor but tada its healthy!!