Monday, January 24, 2011

Safeway 1/25/11

8x Refreshe 2liters - $4.67
2x Lasanga noodles (not pictured)-$3
4x Vitamin Water-$4
2x Minute Maid OJ-$5
1x Garlic Bread-$2.69
2x BarS Hot dogs-$2.00
2x Ground Italian Sausage-$8.98
1x Pork Loin Ribs -$7.09 (Normally 23.56)
3x Blueberries-$3.99 (Buy 1 Get 3 free)

-$4.50 Italian Sausage (I love the clearanced meat section)
-$1 Produce
-$1.70 Garlic Bread
-$1/4 Refresh
-$1/4 Refresh
-$3.99 Minute Maid BOGO (This SHOULD have only been 2.50, but she put the price as the normal price, not sale price)
-$1 BOGO Vitamin Water
-$1.59 BOGO Vitamin Water

Saved-$51.82 (68%)

This trip was a nightmare. About 75% of my coupons wouldn't scan. She said I had the wrong garlic bread for the store coupon even though I checked it with the bakery lady to make SURE I grabbed the right one. She ended up doing it anyways. I had a huge line forming behind me, which always makes things more stressful. Before I would have just told her nevermind, but I've learned that sometimes you have to deal with these kind of trips in able to get the savings. It did end up working in my favor as once she got to the BOGO Minute Maid she put in the wrong price for the free one, I did not realize this until after I got home or I would have told her.

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